Easy Go: Mobile Application

Mobile Application: Easy Go

After I determine the solution, Easy Go: Mobile Application I create a 4-phases plan to implement this solution to solve a problem. Firstly, evaluate the ability of team members and training. This is a critical phase, and the outcome has a strong effect on the next stages. Determinate the strength and the weakness of team members helps me assign the right person on each task. If the quality of members is not fit the requirement of the project, training is a must-required step. For instance, if my team has three experienced web developer in a project which requires at least four people, allocating time for training one more member is necessary in this case. The second phase is creating a resource and time plan.

For instance, in developing a software product, I often use Microsoft Project to allocate team members and the deadline of each phase (Requirement, System Design, Implementation, Deployment, Testing…). This application helps me keep track of the velocity of the project and who is responsible for each task in implementation. The last phase is following up on the project, plan, and team members. I must change the layout (extends the deadline, allocate more members) fore some problematic tasks to ensure the project still meets quality and timeline.

Easy Go: Mobile Application

The mobile application allows users to contribute places for travel purpose. This is a social network where people share their reviews and their schedule.

Using AI to analysis on user data and system data, the app suggests places for users to create a journey. For example, you live in Denver, and you have a ten days trip to California. Easy Go will create a schedule for users.

We developed one application on mobile (using ReactNative to build on two platforms (Android, IOS), and a management system. The backend system will filter data, remove incorrect data, and create a schedule for users by users’ interest and plans.

With development by ReactNative, we can save time, because it can export into two platforms by one source code. ( 2 months to develop Mobile Application ). About backend system, we break into several processes:

  1. Develop contributed system (users can post suggestion places, review….). We save data of users on our database

  2. Using AI to suggestions

We earn money from advertising from the business. For example, a restaurant in California has to pay cash for becoming the first search results. Travel companies will be charged for advertising their trip to potential users.

Target Market:


  • Get a suggestion places, suggestion trip

  • Create a plan

  • Share with friends.

Travel Company:

– Advertise trip to potential users

Services Company (Restaurant, Hotel …)

  • Advertise their services to users.

  • Get potential users

Resource Requirement:

  • Mobile Development Team

  • Backend Development Team

  • AI Development Team

  • Communication & Marketing Team

Expected Gain:

This app becomes the first choice for users before they want to create travel plans. With integrated AI, Big Data, the suggestion places in the app fit users’ demand.

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