How to take a backup of WordPress blog

How to take a backup of WordPress blog? (Without using any plugin)


How to backup a WordPress blog? This is a very important question. Because it is important to backup WordPress so that the hard work of a few years and months you have done does not end in a few moments.

Think you created a blog on WordPress, wrote good content on it. But you made a mistake that you forgot to backup your blog.

In such a situation, your blog gets hacked suddenly or there is a problem in hosting and all the data is deleted. Which you made by working so many days. So how would you feel? If you had taken a backup of your blog, then it would not hurt you.

Now you must be wondering why I am telling you all these things. I am telling these things so that the importance of backing up the blog can be understood by all. Even today people ignore WordPress backup and think that if their data is on hosting then it is safe.

By the way, there are many plugins available for taking WordPress backup and many hosting providers provide backup service. But those hosting providers also charge you fees in exchange for that.

Also if you want to use plugins then you can. But plugins sometimes have bugs. Because of which we think that that backup has been done but that backup would not have happened correctly. So I prefer to manually backup.

Backups of blogs can be done using plugins, but free plugins have some limitations, such as the file size limit for backup and restore. Manually backup of WordPress is as easy as moving a file from one place to another. So friends today I will tell you how to backup WordPress blog without using any plugin.

How to back up Manually WordPress Blog?

Before knowing how to a backup WordPress blog, let me tell you that you should have access to your File Manager from your C-Panel. If your hosting provider does not provide C-Panel, you can use FTP software such as Filezilla. Or you can also access your WordPress files with the help of the WordPress file manager plugin.

To backup Manually WordPress, you have to follow 2 steps. The first of which is the backup of WordPress files and the second is to back up the database.

1: WordPress File Backup

Step 1: Open File Manager

First all you have to go to your File Manager. You can access your File Manager in any one of the ways mentioned above.

You can either access files from the WordPress dashboard via the file manager plugin, or via c-panel and FileZilla. Today I will access File Manager from c-panel.

Step 2: Find Public-HTML Folder

Now that you have got access to your hosting files. So now you have to find the public-HTML folder and open it.

Note: If you have made any changes in your htaccess file, then you can keep a backup of that file. So that you can make those changes back to htaccess while restoring.

Step 3: Find wp-content Folder

After opening the public HTML folder, now you have to find the wp-content folder and select it.

Step 4: Right Click And Compress The Folder

Now you have to select the compress option by right-clicking above the selected folder. Which will create a zip file of that folder?

Step 5: Now Find File

Now that we have compressed our wp-content folder. So now you have to find the file once inside the public-Html folder.

Step 6: Select And Download File

Now you have to select that compressed file ( and click on the download button. This will back up your WordPress files to your computer.

You have to keep this compressed file safe and after downloading, you have to delete that compressed file with your hosting.

Now we have completed the first stage of this tutorial on how to manually backup a WordPress blog. Now we have to take a backup of the second step.

2: WordPress Database Backup

To backup the WordPress database, you must access your PHPMyAdmin page. Which you can do by going to c-panel and selecting PHPMyAdmin option.

Note: If you do not use managed hosting (without c-panel), then you have to access the database by writing domain-name / PHPMyAdmin. For this, you need to know the username and password of your database.

If you do not know the username and password and you want to know, you can contact your hosting provider.

Step 1: Access PHP My Admin

If you access PHP my admin using Cpanel then you do not need username and password.

Now you have to start Cpanel and find a tool named PHP my admin and then open it.

Step 2: Find And Select WordPress Database

Now that you’ve got access to the PHPMyAdmin page, you have to find the WordPress database in the left sidebar and select it. The name of the WordPress database includes more “wp”.

Step 3: Export Database

When you find and open the WordPress database, you will see a few tables. Now you have to click on the export button from the bar given above.

Step 4: Click On Go Button

  • After clicking on the Export button, a page will open in front of you. From where you have to select a quick option and select type SQL.

  • After that you have to click on the Go button, after that, you will have the option to download the file. Which you have to save on your computer.

This way the backup of your WordPress database will be downloaded to your computer.

Final Work

Now finally you have to put the file and database file in one of the folders. If you want, you can covert that folder in RAR file and keep it in your computer or cloud storage (DropBox). So, friends, you can manually backup your blog quite easily. I hope that I could teach you how to a backup WordPress blog, if you have any problem with it, then you can ask me freely.

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